Jenna + Allison = Jennally

A twenty something in the Atlanta area.

My fandoms vary about with my mood. They include but are not limited to Sherlock, Cabin Pressure, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Teen Wolf, Downton Abbey, Welcome to Nightvale, various sporting events, and then some more. I sometimes try to draw and write as well -- be warned.

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trying to look cool in front of your crush

by Thaisa Fernandes


"women don’t belong in video games"


Guh. Today is the day I’m due at court to testify and I just don’t even want to move.

I really just want to sit at home and draw things and probably nap. Instead I get to brave rush hour traffic.

Apparently I’m just in a really bad place where I feel this mix of not caring about myself and others definitely not caring about me a bit.