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A twenty something in the Atlanta area.

My fandoms vary about with my mood. They include but are not limited to Sherlock, Cabin Pressure, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Teen Wolf, Downton Abbey, Welcome to Nightvale, various sporting events, and then some more. I sometimes try to draw and write as well -- be warned.

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My day in images~

Went up to Little Five Points because of reasons and realized I haven’t really posted photos of it.  So here, to the people that I rambled at through the day, is where I was. The Vortex is one of /the/ places to go for burgers.  Junkman’s Daughter is just full of all the things you can think of…

Also, I found a little gelato place that was precious.  Met a rather attractive Italian gentleman who was very excited about football matches. I didn’t care that I couldn’t understand him. So whatever.  Good times.

Will post more swag tomorrow when I remember to~

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